Munford High School Class of 1973

70's Party


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Angel Carter and Patricia Turner

Bruce Turner, Class of 74 and his wife Linda

Chris Lathem, Class of '73 and Steve Martin, Class of '72

Wanda Smith, Class of '77 and Chris Lathem, Class of '73

Connie and Connie playing catch

Connie Maddox Goodwin, Class of '72 and her husband Dennis

Connie Parnell Beverly, Class of '72 and her husband Robin

Corky Stephens, Class of 73

Dean Camp, Class of 74 and his wife Brenda

Deborah Strickland Lively, Class of 76 and her husband Don

Dee, Eddie and Corky

Eddie Anderson, Class of 72 and his wife Georgetta

Gary Cater, Class of 73 and Angel Holcombe Carter, Class of 75

Glenn Dabbs, Class of 75 and his wife Patty

Jay, Faye and Steve

Jimmy Mac Stephens, Class of 71

Dee Terrell, Class of 73 and Judy Garrett Terrell, Class of 73

Lyn Camp Howell, Class of 73 and her husband Jay.

Tommy and Melda

Fun and Games

Watching the games

Angel jumping rope

More Fun and Games

Who is that masked man?

Bruce Turner... King of the Hula Hoop

Susie and Glenn jumping rope

Jimmy Mac, Melda and Tommy

Belinda and Susie hugging

Karaoke fun with the boys

Karaoke fun with the girls

More Karaoke fun with the boys

Willie serenading Chris

They really liked this Karaoke

Becca dancing the night away

Connie, Robin, Connie and Dennis watching Karaoke

The Class of 77 ... Wanda and Phillip

Phillip Dean, Class of 77 and his wife Michelle

Steve Ponder, Class of 79 and his wife Faye.

Becca steals the show

Susie Rowell Poland, Class of 73 and her husband Dennis and Becca

Tommy Matson, Class of 71 and Melda Butterworth Matson, Class of 70

Wanda Duncan, Class of 73 and Aaron Creed, Class of 71

Wanda jumping rope

Wayne Nixon, Class of 73 and Belinda Finch Nixon, Class of 73

Willie Turner, Class of 73 and his wife Patricia


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MHS Class of '73




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