Lynís Slumber Party - The Morning After 

April 30, 2005

Lyn Camp Howell recently entertained 16 women from Munford by having them join her in Fayetteville, Georgia for an evening packed with laughter, music and funny stories.  First they enjoyed dinner at TGI Fridayís, then they were off to see the play, Menopause the Musical. Afterwards, 13 of the ladies were honored to attend Lynís first (ever) slumber party.

 Written and Submitted by Artie Thomas Spindler


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Artie getting ready to perform "Looking for Food"

Artie and Lynn with Rocky Road

Artie and Brenda

Chris, Artie, Lyn looking for food.

Brenda, Donna, Artie

Artie, Chris and Lynn still looking for food


Chris, Artie, Wanda, Paula, Angel during looking for food performance

Chris and Wanda

Artie, Chris and Lynn getting ready for the show

Tammy, Paula, Angel, Chris and Wanda in deep thought

Saying goodbye

Will this music ever end

You better believe it is elastic waist

Artie, Chris and Lynn .... please somebody give them some food

Angel, Paula, Tammy

Please turn the music off

Are they still looking for food

yes.. still looking for food...

Still smiling after no sleep

Kay, Kelly, Vicki, Tammy, Angel

Vicki and Chris

Vicki and Kay

What did she say

Getting ready to leave

Lynn and Chris

Lynn slapping Chris

Paula, Chris and Lynn

Paula, Kay, Tammy, Kelly, Angel and Artie

Vicki, Artie, Lynn, Brenda and Donna

Vicki telling a story

Wanda Ducan Riner

We've decided we're staying at Lynn's

What is Kandis showing Lynn

What is she singing?

What's so funny?

Angel embarrased


Artie and Donna

Chris and Angel

Angel, Tammy, Kay and Paula

Paula, Artie, Jerrie Lynn, Kathy and Mary Jane at TGI Fridays

Wanda and Angel at TGI Fridays

Vicki and Lyn at TGI Fridays

Brenda and Donna on stage at Menopause the Musical

Wanda on stage at Menopause the Musical

Brenda, Artie and Donna at the slumber party

Chris and Wanda at the slumber party

Kelly, Kay and Vicki at the slumber party

Tammy and Angel at the slumber party

Getting ready to go home

Preparing for the group photo

The slumber party survivors

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