This event began with a conversation about the future of Munford High School between Gary Carter and Wanda Smith in March of 2004.  It was decided that we would try to get one last look at our school before the doors closed to students in January 2005. 

After many meetings and lots of telephone calls, Saturday, October 23, 2004 was officially declared “Roam the Halls” one last time day with Christine Lathem and Wanda Smith running the show.  With the help of others including Dixon Fuller, Jimmy Champion, Gary Carter, Artie Thomas Spindler, Wanda Duncan Riner, Rhonda Foshee Rice, Elaine Stephens, Melba Sirmon, and many others “Roam the Halls” became a reality.   Classmates from the Class of 1931 and up attended.   Teachers came back and roamed the halls with their families and friends and craft and food vendors sold their wares.  The day concluded at the football field where speeches were given by community leaders, past and present students and faculty.

It was a wonderful day filled with memories and stories of past generations of MHS students.   This old school has a special meaning to so many of us.  It was a place where we grew up and learned so much more than basic skills.   

We are so glad that a simple conversation between friends produced a day that we will all remember with great pride and a smile!

Click the link below to view Roam the Hall photos:

Wanda Smith - Roam the Halls Photos



 Article contributed by Chris Lathem, Class of 1973 and Wanda Smith, Class of 1977



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